Deep in the Heart of Texas...

...I found God. Hog-tie me and roll me in the mud -- God's a Democrat, ya'll!

I mean, I kind of suspected. Caring for those less fortunate; ministering to the poor, the diseased, the meek. Bleeding heart Liberals?
No, um...Jesus, actually(who, interestingly, was a dark-skinned, Middle Eastern Jew).

Ok, so I spent last weekend in the Texas Hill Country, or "God's Country," as many natives like to call this area. The rolling hills, breathtaking sunsets, abundant conservatives. Karl Rove lives there.

My Grandpa's neighbor is a retired Episcopalian minister, in who's yard I saw THIS SIGN:

(Episcopalian ministers have a pretty good relationship with God, right?)

George Bush is also from Texas. By "from Texas," I mean he was born in Connecticut. But he has a ranch in Texas. By "ranch," I mean tons of land with zero animals and no farm equipment. Ok, but George says God has spoken to him. I'm guessing God whispered in Mr. Bush's ear, "Holy Mother of ME, you are such a DUMBASS."

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