What a Spectacle!

Last night's RNC finale was dazzling! Jaw-dropping! Sparkling! Oh, wait -- you think I'm talking about McCain's speech? Ha! No, silly -- I fell asleep halfway through THAT. It was Cindy's wardrobe ensemble that knocked me off the couch:

"Vanity Fair
editors estimated that McCain's fierce saffron shirt dress with the popped collar, diamond earrings, four-strand pearl necklace, white Chanel watch and strappy shoes totaled up to $313,100." -- Melanie Coffee, Associated Press

This proves the Queen of the Vampires/Lizard People(she's one of those, I'm just not sure which) is not only creepy, she's SMART. I mean, what better way to convey that you and your husband represent hardworking, blue-collar Americans than to dress like Anna Wintour on a batshitcrazy shopping binge?

Her outfit last night cost more than most American's HOMES. Oh, and speaking of homes:

When asked how many houses he owns, John McCain answered, "I think — I'll have my staff get to you...It's condominiums where — I'll have them get to you." -- 8/21/08, Politico

Good thing the McCain's aren't elitist like that Barack Obama.

Wait, what?

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