Have you met my son, Buckets of Talent Boy?

My son is 11. He did these pieces last year. The waterfall(oil) is his first painting. Miss Lisa said her student teacher watched my son doing his thing, looked at her and whispered, "Am I going to be able to teach him??"

Children's art is beautiful because it's free. Ok, he'd probably want a LEGO gift card for one of these; what I mean is free in spirit, technique. Lisa said my son laughed and talked with his best bud, Jacob, while he did these. And it shows in his work -- the strokes are loose and there's such a strong sense of motions in the waterfall and crashing wave.

He walks in the door after school and can't start on homework until he's created something. He's in his "hot glue gun phase" right now, using whatever's available as his medium -- cardboard, Q-tips, tin foil. He's got a few glue burns to show for it(ok, so maybe art IS pain), but he just plunges his hand into the little bowl of water he keeps on the table and keeps building. I cringe, but it's a joy to watch him when he's "in the zone."

Your Daily Abby: If you want to be popular, don't kid yourself into believing that you can buy friendship by doing favors for people - hauling them around in your car, running their errands, buying them presents or lending them money. They may find you useful - but it won't buy their friendship. If anything, they'll probably think of you as being rather pathetic and insecure.

The "key" to being popular with both sexes is: Be kind. Be honest. Be tactful. If you can't be beautiful (or handsome) be well groomed, tastefully attired, and KEEP A SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

If you're not a "brain" try harder. If you're not a great athlete, you can be a good sport.

Try to be a stand-out in something. If you can't dance, sing or play an instrument, be good company -- a pleasure to have around. Be generous with kind words and affectionate gestures. If you need help, ask God. If you don't need anything, thank God. Abigail Van Buren

I'm not sure when "How To Be Popular: You're Never Too Young or Too Old" was published, as the date is in fantastic Roman Numerals: MCMLXXXIII. My two rusty brain cells can still hold a charge, but Laws - ain't enough Ginko Biloba around can help me cipher that teaser. Good advice though, ain't it?


  1. your son is very talented!

  2. Is Brad painting this with a visual in his mind or copying from a picture? Either way they are amazing for such a young person!

    Crafting is awesome. I asked for 3 crafting books this Christmas. Ha.

  3. He used a "photo reference," as he calls it. Big word for such a little guy! :) Right now he's working on a sunset in oil that is out of this world. I'll post it when it's done.

    I'm plodding away on a fairly large portrait and will post it when/if I get it done! It's of Brad when he was around five. Colored pencil done in layers to resemble watercolor. T-e-d-i-o-u-s, but the results are worth it. I'm using Ann Kullberg's technique -- she's like the Yoda of colored pencil art.

    Thank you, Robin, for the kind words. I'm sure Santa will bring you those crafting books! :)


  4. That's right. I forgot you're an artist as well. You should definitely post some of your work. I'm interested to see your pictures.