An invitation...

...for the TV news producers to come over to my house and explain THIS (<---click) to my kids.

We were all sitting around the TV on Tuesday night, watching "The Biggest Loser"(which is my daughter's favorite show. She roots for "the nice people;" adores Bob and Jillian; bets her brother how many pounds the contestants will lose).

During a commercial break, a news tease came on about the Pregnant Man being pregnant again. Tom and I glanced at each other and said nothing. Holding our breaths. Maybe the kids weren't really paying attention. Maybe--

"Mom?" my daughter asked. "How can?...Is that?...How can a MAN have a BABY?" I began to explain, keeping the details as child-appropriate as possible. "Well, honey -- sometimes a man, or a woman...is really a woman, or a man on the inside. So, they have surgery... "Yeah, and they cut off the man's PENIS," my son said. My daughter held up her hand, closed her eyes and said, "That's ok. I don't wanna know."

People, I'm as Liberal as the day is long. "Free To Be You And Me," as Marlo Thomas said... But I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around this one.


  1. Ugh. TV news promos are so stupid.

    My thought is, why would anyone who was in the transformation process of becoming a man want a baby--meaning the vagina they tried to forget suddenly had an occupant? I understand gender lines don't have to be cut-and-dried, but I digress.