A Word About Santa...Or Not?

My son, in 6th grade now, has never asked us about Santa. My daughter, in 4th grade, has been asking us since she was five. Tom and I are now Jedi Masters at the duck-and-dodge evasive maneuver: "What, honey? Is Santa real? Well, of course he is...HEY! Who wants ice cream??"

I'm 99.999% sure my son knows the real deal. At least, I hope he does; otherwise, he's got some really embarrassing bus stop conversations ahead. I suspect he's staying mum for his sister's sake. Yes, he's that sweet. Or maybe he knows the truth, but just doesn't want to hear it. Kind of a 'secret-of-which-we-do-not-speak' thing...

So far this year, nobody's asked. Until now, I was prepared to have that brutally honest talk with whichever child asked. I've changed my mind. The words, "Yes honey, your Dad and I are Santa" shall never pass my lips.

In debating this with my husband(who has steadfastly argued against full disclosure), I remembered what it was like when I found out my folks were Santa. I was seven. In one short but devastating conversation with my Mom, I learned about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Michael Landon. Nope, no such thing as the first three -- and I was never going to be able to grow up and marry the man who played Pa Ingalls.

I'll just do my part to keep a little childhood wonder in the Holiday. Even when it's pretend and my kids know that I know that they know. I doubt they'll mind.


  1. My friend spilled the beans to me the summer before I was going into 4th grade. I grew suspicious when she kept asking me at my pool party "Hey Rob, do you believe in the tooth fairy?" When I said "Yes" she replied "Cool." A few days later I went over her house and she told me the whole deal.
    My mom was PISSED. She wanted me to believe for one more year.

  2. Some children are just evil. One such child(who had an older sister) told my daughter a few years back that Mom and Dad are Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Fortunately, my daughter was young enough that she bought my story, "Well...maybe it's that way at their house, because they're afraid of bunnies and fairies and Santa can't fit down their chimney?" I wanted to throw a water balloon at that kid. Probably how your Mom felt! :)

  3. It's sad when kids stop believing in 2nd grade. I had two. :(

    It's more fun when they still have that element of magic in their lives. I know on St Patty's Day I have my aide tear up my classroom or put it in disarray when the kids and I are at assembly. When they read the board coming in "Lucky was here!" they go completely apeshit it's the funniest thing. They notice the window is cracked and try to hopefully catch a glance of him running off. Oh it's precious!

  4. That is AWESOME!! I've never heard of anyone doing that. Those kids are lucky to have you as their teacher!

  5. One of my friends and I came up with the idea of Santa as a billionaire tycoon. He contracts out his manufacturing to China or whatever is stamped on the toy. See Santa never shows up himself as he's busy being rich, so he sends in his minions.