My Favorite Cartoon Strip Takes On The Financial Crisis.

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  1. Nice. I have a collection of Calvin & Hobbes books. My all-time favorite comic strip.

    Do you read Frazz? The main character in it looks like Calvin as a grown up.

    Here's some fun trivia. Calvin's dad is a patent attorney - because Bill Watterson's dad was a patent attorney. OK, so maybe that's not so fun trivia ... unless you're a patent attorney...

  2. That...is pure genius. A fantastic find! I'll have to reclaim my C&H books from the attic and go looking through them now...

  3. I love it. As kids, my brother and I read every Calvin and Hobbes book we could get our hands on. Over and over...

    You can imagine my DELIGHT when my 11 year old brought home a big, fat C&H collection he borrowed from "Brianne," his best. friend. ever. (Don't tease him about them being sweethearts, which they aren't...yet... cuz he gets PISSED).

    Anyhoo, Buddy Boy frequently sweet-talks me into going to Barnes & Nobles -- "just to look around" -- and we walk out with another C&H anthology. He has nine.

    He had to turn in his "reading journal" before Christmas break...supposed to list the number of minutes of actual BOOK reading he does every night. Each entry was carefully, but illegibly written in his atrocious handwriting, "Calvin and Hobbes - 45 minutes," etc. Yeah, we'll see how well that goes over with Mrs. Ryan...

  4. PS Matt! How dare you blaspheme the Krispy Kreme on Cesca's blog. ;) Try this: microwave a plain glazed for like, 10 seconds. If you wanna get CRAZY, plop some Haagen Daaz Vanilla on top. Oh, I need to be hosed down just thinking about the sugary, creamy goodness...