Merry *bleeping* Christmas!

No, I'm not reading from the Blagojevich wiretap transcripts; it's the sentiment I experienced at my local Target.

I was just yelled at by Overly-Stressed Shopping Lady for putting last Razor Scooter in my cart. "I was going to take that!" she exclaimed, while pushing her cart toward me at a frightening rate of speed. I apologized and offered her a ride home. On my SCOOTER.

Ok, I said the last part to myself in my head. She was, um, "not small" and could have busted my ass. And my scooter.

But O-SSL must have superhero mind reading powers, because as she brushed past me -- clearly not grasping the concept of "personal space" -- she dropped the *Merry F-bomb Christmas.* I would have felt bad, but I was laughing too hard. In my head.


  1. SNL did an opener on him. It was soooo funny!! Everything out of his mouth they bleeped practically. Then Kristin Wiig (who played his wife) walked in the courtroom and was like "I want to be on the BLEEPIN Nasa board. What? I can't? BLEEP YOU!!!"
    Oh too funny.

  2. DAMMIT! I wish I'd seen it! I knew they'd to something good. Who played Blago?

  3. PS And how'd they do the hair?? :D

  4. Damn SNL didn't upload the video. I forget the actor's name. It's the same guy who plays Joe Biden in the SNL skits. Yeah hair looked crazy.