More talent in her belly button lint...

...than I could ever dream of having. My Mamma (aka Toasty) just sent me this picture of little lavender filled babies. She places them in the pockets of the girls' dresses she designs.

I wants them.

Polkadot Monkey


  1. Those are sooo cute!! What did she use for the hair? I love em!!
    I'm on the finishing stages of my pillow. I'll post it laterz.

  2. ps - I linked your mom's blog. She's in the mix of craft blogs that I have listed :D
    Really she should have her own shop on Etsy. She's very talented!

  3. I don't know what she uses for hair. I FW:ed your comments to her. I love that you have a link to craft blogs and now she's on of 'em!

    I agree, she's a madcrazy talent. As are you!