My Mom has a blog, y'all!

She's an artist. She's madcrazy talented. Fine Arts. Fabric Arts. Monkey Arts. Check her shit out: www.polkadotmonkey.blogspot.com

She studied with Charles Schorre. She can do portraits, purses, pillows, pastels and paintings. It's frightening.

She takes requests...


  1. Whoa, your mom is AWESOME. She had me at "monkey."

    Thanks again for the shoutout quote. I should have posted my first thanks on a current post as opposed to burying it in comment on an old post, but whatev. :)

  2. Ohhhh...Toasty will love hearing that. Monkeys have played a prominent role in our family history. I still have the stuffed Curious George from when I was seven. He was my alter-ego and got into all kinds of misadventures with my best friend's Winnie the Pooh. They were naughty. Pooh was in love with Betty White and George wanted to marry Cloris Leachman(we watched "The Mary Tyler Moore Show, what can I say?)...

    I think I'd better stop talking now.

  3. PS In fact, when my husband and I got married, my Mom(aka "Toasty") took a picture of my Curious George and Tom's old Curious George doll from his childhood -- sitting together. She wrote "Monkey Love" above it and put it on display, along with all the other family photos during the wedding reception. Klassy with a K...

  4. I was in love with Mary Tyler Moore, and although Rhoda pulled at my heart strings, my heart stayed true to Mary. Oh, and I also fell in love with Donna Reed in "It's a Wonderful Life", which prompted a fixation at one time with the Donna Reed Show.

    Sooo, ANYway ... I've been meaning to ask: why come the name "Toasty"?

  5. Yes, I've been waiting for that question. :)

    Well, when my son was born, my Mom thought "Grandma" was just too b-o-r-i-n-g. At that time, she was hoarding-I mean COLLECTING-chrome toasters. I suggested, "How 'bout Toasty and Pop Tart?" Mom LOVED Toasty. Dad HATED Pop Tart. So, it's "Toasty and Poppa Don."

    It was adorable hearing my kids as toddlers say, "Toa-tee! Toa-tee!"

    I'm so not laughing at your Donna Reed crush. I think I wrote in an earlier post of my childhood love for Michael Landon/Charles Ingalls. I was going to marry him. Mmm-hmmm. That's right. He'd stay the same age; I'd grow up; he'd see me and fall madly in love and we'd get married and live happily ever after in a Little House On The Prairie.

  6. You have reinforced my initial assessment of her awesomeness. :D

    I've been teased around the office for the fact that I once admitted to watching Little House a lot when I was younger, and that I also admitted to getting misty eyed fairly often while watching it. I have a theory that Michael Landon cries in over 50% of all Little House episodes, but I do not have empirical data to back that up.

    By the way, my Dad did not like the names "Grandpa" or "Pop pop", so our kids call him "Pa" like Charles Ingalls. How's that for tying this whole conversation together?!?

  7. And...scene. :D

    That's awesome! But if you tell me you also did voices for all your stuffed animals and the naughtiest one was a duck you named "Englebert Humperduck" -- I'm gonna FREAK OUT.

  8. ROFL! No "Englebert Humperduck" w/ accompanying voice, but I did a lot of impressions (Kermit, Ernie, Donald Duck, Yoda, Yogi Bear, to name a few). I remember entertaining a crowd at a family party one time with a rendition of "Disco Duck", complete with dance.

    No, I do not do the Disco Duck any more. However, the girls often request Yoda-speak or wookie calls. You haven't lived until you've heard two sisters under the age of 6 try to outdo one another with Chewbacca noises.

  9. I'll see your adorable girls' dueling-Wookie noises, and I'll raise you my two monkeys begging me to, "Do Drunk Yoda! Do Drunk Yoda!" "Ok, now do Drunk Elmo!!"

    "La-la la-la! La-la la-la...*hic*...Wait, whash the name of Elmo's show *hic* again?? Why Elmo's bed spinning?"

  10. OMG! How cool is that! I got nothin to compete with that. My Donald Duck sneeze pales in comparison.