My uterus is crying right now.
Seriously, this is one effed-up um...thing. But my kids will love it. LOVE IT! And they will want to build one.

It's an image from a great new blog I found, "The Anticraft." Check it out over there in "GOOD STUFF."

This could totally kick Chucky's ass.

Awesomest. Link. Ever.



  1. This creeped me out when I first saw it on one of my craft blog links. After a few minutes I started to laugh and realized how hideously ugly it is! Maybe this was a reject villian from Chuckie ;)

  2. Is that a real doll's head or a superimposed image? How'd they get it to look so evil?

    It's horrifying and hilarious all at the same time!

    Srsly, I keep crossing my legs and clenching. *shudder*

  3. This ranks as the second most terrifying thing I've seen this week. It would be first, but the thing holding the number one spot...YIKES!! But yes, this is running a very close second...

  4. Dude. Don't tease. Was it Clickwah Girlzeez? :D Whaaaatttt???

  5. Ok, Ray. This is for you: I just added a link to the Toddlerpede artist's site. With even more Toddlerpedes. That's "pedes," as in PLURAL, as in MORE THAN ONE.

    Holy Dang, I love these things.