Holy Dang, this is funny.

The Google searches have been hot and heavy, lately!

312.50%my dogs crap ninja hauler

28.33%jennifer pearson boxrud

14.17%er picture doesn't show me dancing around a pole. It's supposed to depict me selling the last snow

14.17%+"pole dancer" +"Mrs jones" +"grow up"

14.17%ninja hauler my dogs crap

14.17%office depot pole dancer snow shovel

14.17%"medium large"

14.17%bossy delilah hairy

14.17%ron christie republicans are very concerned about the size of his stimulous

14.17%power of appreciation nithya shanti

14.17%pole dancer home depot joke

14.17%"Love me most, when I deserve it least!" quote

14.17%thunderdome bomberjacke

14.17%clip of bratz show nose job

14.17%jenny boxrud blog

14.17% Nithya Shanti

14.17%Bon Jovi Greatist

14.17%verizon fios ariel drop

14.17%joke stripper pole home depot

I think "bossy delilah hairy" is my favorite. Don't know what you were lookin' for, honey, but I hope you found it here. Or um...maybe not?

Also, it's the second time someone's looked for info on "my dogs crap ninja hauler." LOVE IT.

WOAH!! Somebody Googled my huzzband's name. Better go delete that. He prefers to remain anonymous. Unlike his very bossy, show-offy, obnoxiousy wifey.

To whoever looked up "Bon Jovi Greatist," you get much better hits if you Google, "Jon Bon Jovi butt + images." Trust.



  1. Hi! I'm just curious. How did you come up with those Google searches?

  2. Howdy!

    You can get a stat-tracker thingy.
    If you GOOGLE "stat tracker," I believe, you get lots of hits for different services that will do this for your blog. Some charge, some are free. I went with a free one, of course. Cuz Whippy is cheap. And broke. Mine doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it WILL tell you "Keyword Search Activity" -- words/terms folks GOOGLE that somehow(thru the magic of the Internets and GOOGLEwebs, bring up your blog.

    You have to wonder about some of these search "key words," don't ya? "hairy delilah?" Really, people? :D

    Happy Blogging! Thanks for reading!

  3. Hola, Erin!

    Yeah, my dirty mind goes there, too. What? You DIDN'T go there? Oh. Never mind...

    Actually, "Medium Large" is Francesco Marculiano's blog. Check under "GOOD STUFF." He pens the cartoon strip, "Sally Forth" and is really, really funny. And really, really smart(I think the two go hand-in-hand). He's got another blog, "Francesco Explains It All," which is equally wonderful. He's also the boyfriend of Sara Benincasa ("QueSeraSara") in "GOOD STUFF." SHE, my friend, is GENIUS.

    BTW, I read your blog and its hilarious. You're a good writer and are goin' places!


  4. Ohhhh! A-thank you! There are so many blogs I don't know about. SO MANY BLOGS.

    And WHUUUUT? Girl, you crazy. You're way funnier than me. I'm afraid to comment on your blog because all I can think to say is, "You're so funny!" or "HAHAHAHA" or "Erin laughy a lot!"

  5. I just love love these postings of
    what people are searching for. Crack Toasty UP. I love them almost as much as the wonky words I
    have to copy and type in before I can comment. This time: "beducha"

  6. I think "Beducha" would be an excellent name for your sock-monkey visage, Toasty!

  7. Erin, don't be afwaid. :D

    Your Blagojevich post. is. amaaaazing.