my dogs crap ninja hauler

Now THAT'S an awesome search!

To the person who landed here, I hope you were delightedly misled in your search for um...a ninja? To haul your dog's crap?

Big hugs, as well, to the ernest little GOOGLERS seeking information about:

"medium large + comic"
"monchichi blagojevich"
"salute your shorts season 1"
"clique girlz" (Again with the Clique Girlz??)
"Destinee Paris Ariel" (You read my post, right?)

Hope y'all come back for some more venting with whip. I promise I'll post more about crap-hauling ninjas for hire. And everything else on the list. Except saluting your shorts. Because that's just weird. Unless you're Rod Blagojevich.



  1. I wasn't looking for a ninja to haul dog crap. I was just commenting that my dogs are crap when it comes to hauling ninjas. But then the question is why would I Google search my own feelings about my pets?

  2. Ahhh, I see..

    Perhaps you're trying to get in touch with your inner um...ninja?

    And, though you project an image of um...a working dog (perhaps a Border Collie or Pembroke Welsh Corgi), it's really a defense mechanism used to hide your true desire to haul away a giant pile of crap. Like Ann Coulter.