I'm not one to gloat. Yes, I am.

Hey, asshats. McCain lost. Get over it!
I'm talking to you, Rush Lardball and all your little "Dildo Heads." Go refill your Pez dispensers with Oxycontins and bully the neighborhood kids; it'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy. There ya go...deeeep breaths...on your donut bong. All better now?

Seriously, I've never seen a bigger bunch of sore losers. Whiners, actually.
Like a big, crying baby with a hot, steamy diaper.
Or that spoiled kid on the playground who refuses to share, and now all the kids have left his corner to hang out with the nice, smart, new kid who shares his toys AND brought Gummies for everyone.

Ok, so I'm addicted to Facecrack - I mean, Facebook - right?
(*stands up* Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm a Facebook-a-holic. "HI, JENNIFER!!")

Anyhoo, I just stumbled upon this gem, written by one of my FB Friends, Steve Marmel. It echoes my sentiments exactly:

One Media's Overexposure is Another Man's Government in the Open

So, for weeks and weeks and weeks, the White House has been inundated with a clarion call from the media: "Why have you not fixed the economy yet? You better explain it soon! Oh My God, look at the Dow Jones! It falls, because of you, and your lack of a solution." So, President Barack Obama went on the Tonight Show, and did an interview with 60 Minutes, and will do another news conference tonight. These appearances will help Obama advance an explanation of his bank bailout program, and offer reporters a chance to publicly question the president. One would think that this would be a good thing. But NO! God, no! Doesn't Obama realize that he's risking over-exposure, with all the explaining and answering questions and being a public figure? How dare he?

That's the recent message that's been advancing through the press. After Obama appeared on a rival network's late night show, CBS's Chris Wragge was given to wonderment: "The Obama blitz, the President's appearing everywhere, but is his media tour taking attention away from his message?" Because clearly, the last thing a "message" needs is a series of sessions that allows it to be clearly elucidated!

So, it turns out big corporations aren't the only ones cutting back on and firing middle-management.

I know. He's "over exposed." He's been on Leno, he's holding press conferences... he's talking directly to the people.

And guess what? His numbers are going UP: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/24/obama-approval-rating-goe_n_178453.html

So, of course the media is complaining about his over exposure. They're not allowed to control the message anymore.

It used to go "President" - "Media" - "Regular folks." And that allowed the papers, the 24 hours news chimps, the bloggers... everybody who had a stake in being the google news hit for a message... to get in front of it.

And now, stupid Obama has to use his stupid popularity to get his stupid message directly to the stupid public. Boo hoo.

If that means I have to wait an extra 20 minutes to hear some untalented hump warble out a tune so Simon can say "You Suck" and Paula can shout "I like cookies!" I'm good with that.

A President who isn't afraid to get in front of his message - for good or ill - because he can string together a series of words, form a sentence and make a point without seeming like a cowboy, a bully, or a moron.

It's change.

And me likee.


  1. 'If that means I have to wait an extra 20 minutes to hear some untalented hump warble out a tune so Simon can say "You Suck" and Paula can shout "I like cookies!" I'm good with that.'

    That may just be the best line I've read all day.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the shout out!

    - Marmel

  3. *gasp* Duuuude...you are one stealth writer-Ninja!

    I hope you don't mind me posting this. I read it and was all, "YES!!"

    If my brain wasn't made of Spray Cheez and SPAM, I could make my typewriter with the big TV on it write purty words like you do.

  4. Funny, smart, & correct! Y'all know how to start the day off right!


  5. It's not me, it's the Marmel.


    There should be a candy bar called "Marmel."

    Ok, marshmellow and caramel is too easy. And kinda gross. Since Steve is my close, personal friend (I stalk him on Facebook), I know him well enough (not at all) to say "Marmel" would definitely be made of caramel, peanuts, some kind of pretzel bits - perhaps a layer - and milk chocolate. Definitely milk.

    On the other hand, Steve Marmel is the brainy, ahead-of-his-time-sort; perhaps "Marmel" should err on the side of sophistication? Dulce de leche caramel enrobed in imported chocolate with a grain or two of Fleur de Sel on top? Oh, and cocoa nibs. Definitely cocoa nibs.

    Whippy's had waaaaay too much coffee...

  6. *runs from Marmel's flying Ninja stars, enrobed in 70% bittersweet choc-- Ok, I'll stop.*

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