My 9 year old daughter had a nightmare last night. She came into our room and woke me up:

GIRLY GIRL: *crying* Mom, I had a bad dream...

ME: *scooting over so GG could climb in bed* Oh, honey - what was it about?

GG: *sniffles* Dad and I were being chased by a scary witch man-woman.

ME: Uh...was it me? *makes mental note to call child psychologist in the morning* What did it look like?

GG: Like Mario Lopez.


  1. I had a nightmare once about being chased by Jennifer Lopez. She was wielding a DVD of "Gigli" and a diamond-studded switchblade.

  2. See, Girly Girl and I watch "Pet Stars" every morning before school. The deliciously spicy Mario Lopez hosts. Every time his name is announced, we yell "con MAAAAAARIO LOOOOOPEZZZZZ! Ai! Ai! Ai!"

    Yeah, that might have something to do with the dream...

  3. Yeah, Matt - J. Lopez would give me the night terrors, too...