When Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat cake," she probably didn't mean this.

Mother's Day.
My family surprised me with a dark chocolate cake from COSTCO. It's the size of a baby elephant.

This "piece" served four.

My delightful children double-dog dared me to, "SHOVE YOUR FACE IN IT!!"

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille...

Ever the chivalrous DoggyBoyfriend, Potter offers to help me clean up.

Whippy hopes everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Carpe cake.


  1. BAHAHAHA! You look awesome. I just sent my mom a card with black kids on it.

  2. And by "awesome," you mean "ridiculous." :D

    omg, I'm cracking up at that card...was there a caption? I love sending 'wrong occasion cards.' Like, a "For You, Grandson" to my sister...

  3. I'm totally going to do that with my 40th birthday cake. That looks awesome.

  4. Awesome, Trish! Helpful hint: don't do it with a refrigerated cake. They're HARD. But yes -- it was as fun and as yummy as it looks.

    My huzzband took the first couple of pics. He got disgusted when the dog entered the scene, so my daughter took those pics. :D Pansy.

  5. Not sure how I got here, but I love that you did what your kids said and put your face in the cake
    Also, its amazing you look so pretty with cake on your face!