Li'l Ro Ro and Joliet

So, this morning I'm helping BuddyBoy study for his "Illinois Constitution" test. Not only does he insist on pronouncing Illinois with a hard "s" at the end, but he keeps saying "Juliet," instead of Joliet. Uh-oh. That's like tossing a ball in front of my dog. Or distracting a raccoon with a shiny object.

ME: Joliet is Juliet's street name. hahaha

BRAD: What?

ME: Li'l Ro Ro and Joliet! hahaha

BRAD: What??

ME: Yeah, instead of "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" it's "RoRo! WHERE YOU AT??" hahaha

BRAD: Mom.

ME: And instead of the Montagues and the Capulets, it's the Montys and the Fat Caps! Instead of drawing swords, they have a dance-off! hahaha

BRAD: *rolls eyes*

ME: And "Were that I a glove upon that hand that I might touch that cheek" is "Don't MAKE me smack you with my glove..." hahaha

BRAD: Can I have breakfast now?


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