When God Closes a Door...He's being a real jerk.

Ok, so in the movie in her head, Whippy fancies herself a Funny Person. Yes, it's an epic film with lots of plots; subplots; an awesome protagonist; one or two antagonists; a tragic flaw or two or seven; even a Christ Figure. Who drinks boxed wine and moonwalks on water.

I've been taking comedy improvisation classes for over a year and having the most fun I've had in my adult life. Some of my buddies and I auditioned for something awesome and none of us got it. We were told, 'Hey, even Tina Fey didn't make it her first time around.' 'Hey, most people don't.' 'Hey, take another class and try again in eight weeks.' 'Hey, yadda yadda.' It was absolutely a positive albeit slightly humbling experience. Not to mention an amazing teaching opportunity for Whippy's little Whiplets.

Buddy Boy and GirlyGirl watched Mom's facial expression and sensed every emotion as I read the "We're Sorry But..." EMail. I'm a horrible liar and even worse at faking emotion. It's served me well. Except for that time my brother and I stole loose change out of our Mom's purse to buy candy at 7-11. Ok, it stopped me from pursuing a violent life of crime to feed my Wacky Pack and Slim Jim habit; I should be grateful.

Woah. Where was I? Right. Teaching moment. So, I explained to the Whipplets, "Hey, ya know what? I'm happy. Because I tried something I was afraid to do, I learned a ton and I had a blast! And ya know what else? I'm going to try again!"

Later that night, GirlyGirl gave me this:

Ok, so I had to pry the window open and remove the frame to get my rumpus through, but at least I was able to spot the opening. With a little nudge from GirlyGirl. Thanks, God (hey, your son's an awesome bartender, btw. Can you ask him to lay his hands on the office water cooler?)
*runs serpentine to avoid lightning storm*


  1. Sorry, my friend has tried for over 2 years. Someday.

  2. It's all good! :) A buddy and I are moving forward, taking Advanced Improv and writing an amaaaaaazing 2-woman show. It's gold, I tell ya!

  3. Are you in the Chicago Improv Community?

  4. You're blobbing again! Thank Oprah.

    I fancy you a funny lady, too. Like way funnier than I could ever dream of being, but in my dreams I'm usually played by Gallagher.

    So keep trying, because I would totally pay to see you some day.

    P.S. My word verification word is "rizats." As in when Snoop Dogg says, "Those damn rizats are poopin' all up in our cupboads, baby."

  5. Aw, thank you, Erin! If I had a smidge of your writing talent, I'd pee myself. In a good way.

    "rizats" is hilarious.

  6. jd, the nut don't fall far from the tree.