It's not funny, anymore.

At first, it was like, 'Am I in an SNL sketch right now? Donald Trump is running for President hahaha yeah, RIGHT.' 

Then it was kind of shocking. Omigosh, he's still here. Wow. Well, I'm sure before the primaries, he'll throw his votes to the highest bidder, and bail.

Now, I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. No, I did not eat the whole Costco Party Bag of M&Ms stop bringing that up!

Here's what alarms me: the lack of empathy displayed by these candidates. Donald Trump yelling at the protestor, "Get outta here! Put him out in the cold. Take his coat!" Even more disturbing? Everyone laughed and cheered...at another human being locked outside in the freezing cold WITHOUT HIS COAT. 

It's not just Trump, it's all the other candidates *throws shade at Carly Fiorina*. Women's reproductive rights, Syrian refugees, Mexican immigrants...their position on just about every issue demonstrates a lack of empathy that goes waaaaaay beyond the narcissism typical of most politicians. These candidates seem absolutely devoid of empathy.

You guys. We could have a freaking Sociopath as our President. Not hyperbole.

What truly frightens me is how many Americans want Trump to win. Right now, he leads the polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Why? What part of his message appeals to us? Here it is, and I hate this about our country -- we are still intolerant, exclusionary and racist. We've just been QUIET about it. Trump gives us permission to be loud, be proud (but not in a good, gay way). 

I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that a man so blatantly intolerant and uncaring has so many fervent supporters. He's like a litmus test for empathy, and the results are horrible.

That feeling in the pit of my stomach is an unpleasant mix of sad and scared.

Pass the M&Ms.