"Focus on the Family," my hiney.

So, James Dobson urged his sheep to “pray for rain” in Denver to keep the crowds away at the Convention(Yeah, that’s high on God’s top-ten list right now, James)… And hurricane Gustav, which headed towards the Gulf last week, is now on track to hit New Orleans. "The storm of the century,” says Ray Nagin. Um…Mr. Dobson? Could ya maybe have used your mighty God-powers to pray that Gustav spares those poor people???

Oh, and by the way James? The weather at Invesco Field last week was beautiful -- sunny, clear skies with a nice, cool evening breeze.


  1. Okay, so you're yet another left-wing heathen slamming the good people of my hometown who are only doing the Lord's work? Good for you! I also learned yesterday that a while back Ted Haggard and his New-Lifers would frequently pray for gay-owned businesses in the Springs to fail so that they could be taken over by Christians. As is evidenced by New Life Church's continued existence, it hasn't worked too well, other than to spawn a burgeoning businesses in 'prayer-blockers', decorative sculptures used by those in the gay community to ward off these destructive prayers.

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  3. Would that be the same Ted Haggard who was arrested for "allegedly" soliciting narcotics and blowjobs from a homosexual prostitute? Yeah, he really hates the gays.

  4. Awesomeness!

    More evil, horrible, fucked up things have been done in the name of "god" than grains of sand on a beach...

    Not all religious people subscribe to this evil, yet the most outspoken, judgmental, and radical do...

    Excuse please, I have to make a BM...

  5. Now how's the weather looking for the REPUBLICAN convention...? Crazy coincidence, or is God showing His true (Blue) colors?

  6. Poor little James Dobson. I guess he just didn't pray hard enough. Or maybe God's to-do list includes things a little more pressing than making it rain on Obama's parade.