This gives me a headache behind my eye.

Ok, NOW the McCain/Token-Vagina ticket scares my liver. Guess what I just read about Miss Congeniality Palin? She’s an evangelical. Pro-life, abstinence only, all that stuff. Sigh. The article praised her for “being able to balance the responsiblilties" of being a wife, mother of five, running a state, blahblahblah… Ok, I highly doubt she’s “balancing” it all. No way in Hell a state governor and now vp candidate can give FIVE kids(including an infant with Down's syndrome) the attention from their MOTHER that all kids need and deserve. Stand back, cuz me and the monkeys are gonna start flinging poop...

Oh, and PS? When the ultra-scary Queen of the Lizard People(aka Cindy McCain) finally crushes her husband's skull and sucks his brain, because he called her the "c"-word one too many times -- remember this: Jiggles Palin will be our PRESIDENT AND COMMANDER IN CHIEF.


  1. Okay, I'll 'splain it to ya, but first you'll have to put your conservative Republican hat on. Got it? Great. From the vantage point of a Republican strategist, the Palin choice is genius.

    Now, McCain is trying to get votes from a) independents b) conservatives who are choosing not to vote and c) jilted Hillary supporters. For the independents that might lean to Obama, he'll want someone young, like Obama. For the conservatives who see McCain as too Liberal (Think McCain/Feingold and McCain/Lieberman) and not appealing to the Christian base, he'll benefit from an Uber-conservative evangelical, pro-Lifer (the Right-wingers were worried about this one) who's ready to drill in ANWR. Lastly, the Hillary supporters: He doesn't have a lot of promise with them because he's, uh, a REPUBLICAN, but there have been some Clintonistas that are so miffed that their WOMAN lost that they're thinking about switching sides. Hey, if you can find a WOMAN running mate, that might just push them over the cliff.

    So lets' see: Young, conservative, evangelical, pro-Life, female, sounds like a bulls-eye for Palin to me...

    So you're saying "How superficial does he think I am, that I'd be willing to vote for her JUST because she's a she, or an evangelical, or any of the other above characteristics, despite the fact that she's a political newbie?"

    First off, think of all the folks that are planning on voting for Political New-bama. Also, with the exception of party delegates and other political activists, a scary percentage of US voters are indeed that superficial. The strategists know that, and they acted accordingly in their selection of Palin.

    See ya in November!!!

  2. Yes, but she named her kids Bristol, Track, Willow, Piper and Trig... What the Hell kind of G.D. name is Trig?? Are these names, or did she spend too much time studying the Martha Stewart for KMart Paint color-deck? Is this the kind of character and temperament we want in a Commander-in-Chief? I. Think. Not.

    Oh, and PS? I'm a woman(at least I was the last time I checked) who REALLY wanted Hillary as VP. But I'd rather vote for a Nader/Jack Kevorkian ticket than see Harvey Bristol Cream's Mom a heartbeat away from the being freaking PRESIDENT. *shudder*