Extra Whip

Ok, why does Sarah Palin do that backtease, hedgehog-hiding-in-a-burrow thing with her hair? It just...it just BOTHERS me. Maybe she's trying to dial down the hotness.

Maybe it's where they keep the microphone and wires and shit. No, that doesn't make sense. If her GOP (Geriatric/Ovarian Party) handlers were feeding her information during those interviews, why does she sound dumber than a bag of mud?

Maybe it's where she hides the other Palin baby "of which we do not speak:" Shovel Palin.

The Simpson family


  1. The architecture of that thing is amazing. How much time goes into it, I wonder? I also think it's not all of her own hair.

  2. Of course not. What do you think she does with all those "aerial gunned" wolves? Blend them hairs together and you get a lovely shade of "Canine Carmel Brown." Our little Sarah Palin is resourceful, y'all. Not wasteful! Not with the ENVIRONMENT.