Garmin Needs an Agent

Truth is funnier than fiction.

While vacationing in San Diego recently, my husband decided to run into Safeway for snacks while the kids and I waited patiently in the car. By "waited patiently in the car," I mean we played with Garmin, the GPS device that came with our rental.

We renamed Garmin "Debbie." "Mom!" my 10 year old son said. "Ask Debbie to find Jacob's house!" "No, Brad," I answered. "Debbie is not a toy." After pausing to let my kids consider that, I grabbed Debbie and entered a destination. I asked Debbie to find "my ass."

"MOM!!!" my kids shouted in mock-horror, big grins on their faces(at least they pretended to be appalled at their inappropriate but entertaining Mom). Then we all leaned in and watched Debbie think...

... Debbie, bless her heart, took several minutes to come up with the punchline that sent my son into such hysterics he rolled off the car seat: "ostoMY ASSociates."

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