Have you met my daughter, Biddie Small?

According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, "Those who celebrate Halloween either are unaware of its roots, or are intentionally promoting a world where evil is lauded and viewed as an ultimate power(www.cbn.com)."

People, please. When I was a child, and absolutely for my own children, Halloween was and will always be about the candy. Ok, the costumes play a major role. But really, costumes are just a means to an end...which is candy.

My daughter takes pride in thinking up original costume ideas and making them herself. Last year, for example, she was "Polkadot Person." She borrowed every polkadot garment her Grandma Toasty owned -- sweater, shirt, socks, ribbons. She also covered her face with neon dot stickers from Office Depot. Polkadot Person.

This year, "Granny Hip-Hop" will cruise our 'hood, jonesin' for sugar. Grey 'old lady' wig; blue rhinestone glasses; pink shawl; cane(I refused to buy her the walker). Chunky, gold chains around her neck AND hot-glued to the cane.

Check her flow: "It's getting hot in herre...SO GET OFF MY LAWN!" She made that up. She's nine.

Okay, Granny Hip-Hop may not be the most politically correct costume. But evil? Hell-to-the-no. Girly Girl's "ultimate power" as Granny Hip-Hop is getting laughs. And candy.

As for being "aware of its roots," I learned from The History Channel's website (www.History.com) that Halloween was really about celebrating the end of Summer and protecting the Fall harvest. Well, that certainly is appropriate, considering my son is a banana and I'm a burrito. How terrifyingly EVIIIIL!

Your Daily George: If Churches want to play the game of politics, let them pay admission like everyone else. George Carlin


  1. Great picture of the little one. She is stylin. All she needs is some addidas shoes and she'll be in bizness.

  2. She changed her name to "Gangster Granny" today. I guess "Granny Hip-Hop" didn't give her 'nuff street cred.' You betta not show no disrespect, else Gangster Granny gonna bust a fat colostomy bag in yo ass...

    The funniest thing was watching her SPRINT from house to house, trick-or-treaking. Grey bun flopping. Oh, that's got an awesome ring to it: "Grey Bun Flopping." Kinda has a "Dead Man Walking" sound, don't it? Or a great name for a band.

    Didja get lots of candy? :) I stole all Granny's Heath bars. Cuz I'm evil like dat.

    Have a great weeked!