I'm a-swoonin.'

Martin Landau's a Hot Older Dude. There I said it.

I don't have many words to go along with the pictures. This isn't a biography of Mr. Landau. Just me going public with my Old Man Crush. I recently took my kids to see "City of Embers," in which he has a small, yet scene-stealing role. His character is craggy, crabby, absent-minded, a little grimy, but endearing and yes, exuding Martin Landau Hotness. Go see it. And every other film he's made. And move "Mission Impossible" to the top of your Netflix queue.

Don't worry, Young Martin Landau -- you'll be making the ladies swoon for DECADES!

Your Daily George: I think it is the duty of the comedian to figure out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately. George Carlin

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