Call her Sarah Sixpack...of Cristal...

If Sarah Palin has spent $150k on "wardrobe and accessories," I'd kinda like to know where it went? Hairspray? Prop eyeglasses? American flag pins?

Call me a fashion dolt, but I think Michelle Obama looks way better. And by "better," I mean, "smarter, more tolerant, a more skilled public speaker, more open-minded, harder working, a better Mother, more honest...dewier."

In all fairness to Sarah, she does have excellent taste in suits. It's been reported she's partial to Chanel, which on average, cost around $5,000. Each. Oh, don't act so shocked. Sarah Palin has her finger on the pulse of Middle Class America! Of COURSE Joe Sixpack buys his wife Chanel garments. That's called Family Values, y'all.

What kind of a spendthrift elitist is Michelle Obama? Well, thanks to some hardcore investigative reporting by "Access Hollywood's" Maria Manounos, we now know:
click---> Obama family goes Unplugged on Access Hollywood! (pt 3 of 4)

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  1. Good to hear those republicans are spending their money wisely on what counts. Doncha know Saracuda's makeup is extracted from the ass of a moose?! First they have to pray then beat the ugly out of her. Then she goes into 4 hours of makeup afterwards.

    For all that they spend on her wardrobe could they at least provide one that fits?! Her sleeves come up to her elbows practically. Is this all of Cindy McCain's doing? Actually no because if it was she'd be wearing all of these attrocious neon colors and look like she stepped straight outta 1984.

  2. Ha! Don't even get me started on Cindy McCain. How old is she, anyway?? 60-ish? If there's one thing I despise, it's super-skinny, totally appearance-oriented white women trying to look decades younger than they really are. That neon-blue, RNC outfit with the feathered hair still haunts my dreams...