My New Favorite Former Republican Governor of Minnesota


(Arnie's in the middle. There were other images available, but none with a polkadot tie.)

A moderate Republican, he served as Governor from 1991-1999. Yesterday, he publicly endorsed Senator Barak Obama for President(as did Massachusetts Governor, William Weld).

Tonight on MSNBC, David Gregory asked Carlson why he chose not to back John McCain. Carlson minced no words and said it was the choice of Sarah Palin that showed McCain's "supreme lack of judgment."

Wait. A Republican bluntly yet eloquently said on camera said what I'm sure many Republicans are thinking: McCain fucked up big time when he picked that unqualified hot mess from Alaska.

But that's not why I'm smitten with Arnie. He went on to discuss how the current Republican Party needs to get back to being fiscally, not socially conservative. He told Gregory, "Personally, I think the government should stay out of people's bedrooms...but that has always been a ticklish issue." And then he kind of giggled.

Wait. A former Republican Governor from Minnesota who supports Barak Obama, uses "bedrooms" and "ticklish" in the same sentence AND isn't afraid to wear polkadots?? There may be help for the pachyderm party, after all.

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  1. Was he a former contestant on The Price Is Right? ;)

    the current Republican Party needs to get back to being fiscally, not socially conservative

    Do not laugh but I am reading Living History by Hillary Clinton and she mentions this SAME EXACT CONCEPT. She used to be a young republican back in the day and because of this very reason or turn the party has made she changed opinions.

  2. He was! He won the Luxury Motor Home (airhead model not included).

    I'm going to get "Living History" this weekend! I never knew she was a young republican -- WOW. I listen to Stephanie Miller on the radio and her Dad ran as VP along with Barry Goldwater. But she often says her Dad and Goldwater would just cry, because this is NOT their Republican party anymore(all the intolerant, social crap).

    I think the pendulum is getting ready to swing back our way. :D

  3. Hillary mentions Goldwater in the book! She was a HUGE supporter (she wore a shirt that said AUH20 in high school) in her youth.
    It is such a good book I'm curious to your thoughts. I'm only up to chapter when she goes to Yale. Harvard was really shitty to her claiming they have enough women at their university. How sexist.

    Too many people are quick to judge her and say she's ballsy. You have to be to get what you want in life!

    It bothers me so much that the Clinton supporters would be that stupid to vote for Palin when she goes against EVERYTHING Hillary Clinton believes in! Did they wake up on the wrong side of the bed one morning to come to this conclusion. Wake up people!