milk, eggs, spray cheeze...

I like lists. Grocery lists; to-do lists; things-I-want-Santa-to-bring-me lists("a pony" is still at the top); boys-I-think-are-cute lists(Scott Baio, Sean Cassidy, Parker Stevens...not still at the top).

Yeah, those lists are fun.

This list sucks:
-Katrina aftermath
-polar bears
-the environment
polar bears??)
-crappy relationships with foreign countries, even our "allies"
-the US economy
-the WORLD economy

No, it's not great names for a band(though, "Katrina Aftermath" could work...).

Sadly, the list of "Ways-Dubya-is-Breaking-the-Planet" gets longer every DAY. Here's the headline that tapped me on the shoulder when I logged-on this morning:
World markets plummet - European markets plunge again and Japan's Nikkei drops nearly 10 percent(Yahoo.com). Jeez, Yahoo -- way to harsh my mellow...

I'd like to give a shout-out to all the single issue voters(See what I did right there? I got all Sarah Palin-y, showin' the folks that I'm cool like that. Yah, me 'n' Joe SixPack are TIGHT, yo. Who let the wolves out? Wuf-Wuf-Wuf).

Ok, I'm back. Single issue voters, I'd like to challenge you to try and look at the big picture, the forest and not just the tree. For the next 25 days, ponder the above list(no, not the one with Scott Baio). In the context of everything icky happening right now...the SERIOUSNESS of every single icky thing on that list...a little pondering seems warranted.

If, on November 4th, your believe your ticket is the best choice to tackle the above list(no, not the one with Scott Baio), then you pull that lever, pencil-in that circle, punch that chad with the satisfaction of knowing you've made the right choice.

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