Go with this flow...

I just received a comment sent directly to my EMail, "...you are an angery bloger."

Mmmkay, I could go off and write the Great American Novel of reasons why I'm an "angery bloger;" instead, I'll let the Black Eyed Peas 'splain it:

(click on it)
Will.i.am. Yeah, what he said. I'd like to add: completely unqualified vice-presidential candidates from Alaska who use their kids as photo ops.

What, too angry?


  1. What's an angery blogger? ;)
    Btw I linked your blog and if you didn't notice the name (really how many Robin's do you come across) I'm "that one" you friended from facebook too.

  2. Oh, excellent!! Thank you! I'm still learning all the technical shit... Do you have a blog I can link to?

    I think there are lots of "angery blogers" out there. I try to inject a little humor and common-sense intellect into my 'rantings.' I'm guessing most McCain/Palin supports are sadly lacking in humor, common-sense and intellect?

  3. insecurityatitsbest.blogger.com
    I hope I typed that correctly. If not just click on my name in blue, go to my profile and click on my blog "Stories from the City Stories from the Sea"

    I've had this in my head all day yesterday. Wondering if you've seen it yet?

  4. (PS): I am TOTALLY starting a new blog: "Angery Bloger Dudette" !! Maybe it'll be "Dudettes" and I'll make it so any angery bloger dudette can log-in and post "angery bloges." Like it??

  5. Ok, ladies! Check it OUT: www.angeryblogerdudette.blogspot.com

  6. Ok, well -- Angery Bloger Dudette had a short life, but it was a life full of spit 'n' vinegar. *waaa-waaaa...* I guess I'm just not "angery" enough! Which is probably a good thing?

    So, we can just focus all our anger, venom and rage right here! With whip!