October Surprise!

Just got my hands on the first single from Sarah Palin's debut rap album, "Droppin' the Gs" and (though I hate to admit it), Mooseknuckle P. spins some tasty beats, fo' sho.'

I was - Big Pimpin' up in AKA
I was - Big Pimpin,' but not in a ghey way
Now I'm - Big Pimpin,' to get to DC
Yeah, I'm - Big Pimpin,' I be droppin' the Gs...

Rollin' down the street ...(shootin' wolves)
Sippin' on gin and Jesus-Juice...

Can't wait for the video. I hear Li'l John (McCain) makes a cameo.



  1. ....plenty of phat in dat ventin' rap today chola!! And here's a little add-on to end the chorus: "...with her mind on nearly nuthin' and nearly nuthin' in her mind."

  2. She did one with Ice-T: "Lets. Get. But-nekkid and fuck the environment..."