Am I repeating myself?

I’m a little “off my feed” this morning. The smirking, the winking(why was she winking at me?? I’m not ghey!…I’m not a 5-year old!…); the pageant-y stares into the camera(did she not know she was in a split-screen with Biden??)…

And — DearSweetJebusOnATreadmill — she said “nucular.” NU-CU-LAR!! The first time I heard it, I choked on my Cheezits. The second time, I spewed my Sutter Home Cab-Shiraz. The third time she said it, I bitch slapped the plasma screen.

Then my friend Linda and I got hammered and started singing, "Cab-Shiraz, Shiraaaz....Whatever will be, will beeee....".

But that's not true; if the GOP(Geriatric/Ovarian Party) wins this thing, my reaction will be more along the lines of:


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