Oh, DearSweetMotherofGod...

"Nucular." She pronounces it, "nucular."

(What's the difference between George Bush and this lady? Sadly, nothing. Ok, breastages, but I'm pretty sure Dubya sports some Texas-sized man-boobs.)

Things would be so much easier if we all adopted the Sarah Palin approach to life: “You know, Mrs. Massengill, I may not answer your “History of Soviet Russia” essay question the way you want me to, but I’m gonna tell you about the time I got drunk and put dog shit in my neighbor's mailbox…”

Now, if you'll excuse me -- my third caffe mocha vodka valium frappalatte is ready. With whip.


  1. You are hilarious :-) Thanks for the laughs.

  2. Hey, you have to laugh or else you'd slap-a-bitch, right?

  3. Wait a minute...is her gold necklace a moosehead? LOLOLL!!! Oh my geyad.

  4. NOOO!!! Is it??? Laws, I done fell out and caught the vapors. Waitaminute, lemme look --- ok, I see a crawling lizard. Not very Palinesque, is it? So it's gotta be a MOOSEHEAD! Bwaa-haaa! Thanks, Robin!