From the mouths of babes...we learn how stupid their parents are.

While walking Potter(aka Big Dummy Dog), my daughter and I stopped to chat with two of her classmates, twins Trevor and Thomas(ain't alliteration awesome?).

I'm fond of chatting up kids...seeing how their minds work. It's precious, illuminating and usually hilarious. Case in point: the elementary school held a mock election today. "Trevor, who did you vote for?" Trevor answered me with all the bravado a 9 year old can muster, "John McCain!" I asked, "Really? Why?" ...wait for it... "Because if Obama wins, he's going to kick our door down and take all our Nerf guns!"

He learned this not from his awesomely cool, liberal(and my friend) Mom, but from his little classmates. Parents, don't ever think your kids aren't listening. That's why it's really important that you not talk out of your ass.

Your Daily George: When I was a boy, on Good Friday in my parish, in order to dramatize the extent of Jesus' suffering, a group of the priests used to get together and crucify one of the children. George Carlin


  1. Ahahahah. How ridiculous!
    You want to hear a response from one of my second graders about the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

    The Democratic party's symbol is the donkey. The donkey is skinny and frail. He is hard working and gives others what they need. The Republican party's symbol is a fat elephant that is greedy and takes everyone's money and food for himself.

    LOL!! I kid you not.

  2. How did you not bust out laughing?? :D Kids are the best.

    Obama doesn't want to take people's (legally-owned and used)guns away! He just doesn't want to put AK-47s in the hands of gang members... Who the HELL would have a problem with that??

    Isn't tonight AWESOME???

  3. *I had to add a line to this post, to clarify that the boy's Mom isn't, in fact, talking out of her ass.