Girl On The Run

Have you met my daughter, Bundle of Awesomeness? Yes, she's got a madcrazy hilarious sense of humor; yes, she brings home perfect report cards and is a kind, empathetic soul. But dang, this kid can run!

Last Sunday, she and her teacher ran a 5K race nonstop. In 25 degree windchill, nasty weather. I ran it also and had to come home, take a 30 minute hot shower, a two hour nap, and refuel with candy. Girlie Girl came home, did two hours of "yard work"(cutting down the ornamental grasses with kitchen scissors); arts-and-crafts(making McDonald's french fry containers out of scotch tape and paint) and then wanted me to take her to the club to swim.

Her first 5K was in kindergarten -- a school fun run. I ran it with her for encouragement. Of which she provided lots! We'd pass a water station and she'd ask me, "Mom? Need some water?" Um...yes, yes I do. Do you, honey? Her response, "No, I'm good; I don't want to slow down my pace!" Not only did she run the 3-mile race nonstop, she broke away and kicked it to the finish line. I remember her looking up at me with those big, brown eyes squishy little baby face and saying, "Mom? I think I'm going to sprint now, OK?" Yeah, you go ahead, sweetie. I'll be back here hoisting up my Depends and rubbing liniment on my sciatica.

She's been this way since bursting on the scene, nine years ago -- full of optimism, determination and the belief that she can do ANYTHING. She teaches me. We're approaching the tunnel of Middle School and, though I know there will be bumps in the road, I think Girlie Girl will be just fine.


Your Daily Abby: No matter what you wear, the expression on your face is your greatest asset -- or liability. Would you want to strike up a conversation with someone who looks like he (or she) is mad at the world? Well, neither would anybody else. So if you're wearing a permanent press frown, get rid of it. Trade it in for a smile. Abigail Van Buren


  1. Aw, man, that girl is amazing!!!
    I want some of what she's got.

  2. Your daughter is just all kinds of awesomeness. I think the middle school years will be a-okay!

  3. She is truly amazing. I wanna be like her when I grow up. :)

  4. It's funny because in the past I've been "no kids, never" and now I'm on the fence because I think I can be an awesome mom with awesome kids.
    People like you and my friend prove that not all kids are assholes. Thank you!

  5. I used to feel exactly the same way. I think good people have good kids. Troubled adults raise troubled children, etc.

    It ain't easy, but the "+" far outweigh the "-". :)