Love This Guy

Our Guy won. Somewhere, George Carlin is smiling. Or maybe he's still laughing at all of us poor bastards down here. Anyhoo - "Your Daily George" is on hiatus. At least until I again feel the need to summon his wit and wisdom.

So, as a little mental sorbet, I decided last week to quote from "How To Be Popular: You're Never Too Young or Too Old," by Abigail Van Buren(God-rest-her-soul):

YOUR DAILY ABBY: How do you dress?

You don't have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe to be well-dressed. Wear what looks best on YOU, never mind what's 'in.' Avoid extremes; Don't wear clothes that are 'too' anything. I mean, too tight, too loose, too revealing, too 'old' for you, too 'young' for you, too gawdy or too drab.

Let your clothes play up your best features -- and hide your worst. If you're six ax-handles across the rear, avoid skin tight jeans.

People, my new favorite phrase is "six ax-handles across the rear." Abby can bring it! Who knew??


  1. Jesus, this is hilarious. Where did that picture come from?

  2. Gurl, you rock. Hard.