Have you met my son?

Future Weird, Creepy Guy?

So, my 11 year old boy walks in the door from school. His usual routine follows: kick shoes off, drop backpack in the hallway, ask Mom to play X-Box...

But wait. Something's different, something's amiss...with his pants.

Puzzled and really curious, I ask, "Brad, why are your pants unbuttoned?"
He lifts his shirt to check and says, "Oh. Um...yeah..."
I ask WHY... "Are they too tight? Do you need more pants?"
He answers, "No, not at all!"
Ok, let's try again. "Brad. WHY are your pants unbuttoned and, now that I take a closer look, halfway unzipped?"

"Because," he explains, "when I have to go to the bathroom, it takes too long to unbutton them!"
I'm afraid to ask. "Do you wear you pants like that all day long?"
"Well, yeah..."

Ok, this is a boy who refuses to get a haircut for fear of looking "dumb." Yet, he thinks nothing of going through an entire day of Middle School with his pants undone.

I wonder if Levis makes velcro-fly jeans...


  1. My boys never agreed to wear pants with zippers and belts until 7th grade. It was sweat pants til then.

  2. HA! Oh, but now we're entering the "deodorant" dilemma... Let's just say, my husband and son went out to buy some...don't "Axe" me what they came back with.