Saturday Night Live's "Bailout" skit apparently created some problems for NBC. I surmise this, because it all but disappeared from the Internets and the YouTubes shortly after it aired in October.

Ok, I just did some quick research. And by "research," I mean the GOOGLEWebs. Turns out, SNL actors in the skit portrayed Herb Sandler and his wife, Marion, the former owners of World Savings. SNL ran CGI text under the Sandlers, "people who should be shot" and hinted the couple engaged in predatory lending. Well, Herb and Marion got their panties in a wad and gave an angry interview to the AP. SNL pulled the skit, edited out the text and re-released it. Cuz ain't nuthin' funny about gettin' sued.

Here is the UNEDITED bailout skit...for now:
click: SNL Bailout Skit

Kristin Wiig as Nancy Pelosi.


  1. Link isn't working.
    Kristen Wiig is so funny.

    Did you see SNL this past weekend? Timberlake dancing in the Beyonce video? Oh geyad so funny.

  2. Oooh, they got to it. I triple-love Justin Timberlake. Or, "Justin Timberly" as my kids call him. :D My huzzband walks around singing, "I'm bringin' sexy baaack..." :D