Things I Didn't Know About my Mom

In 7th grade, she gave an oral report on a "current event." She cut the article out of the newspaper and spoke in front of the class about a panty raid that had occurred at the local college. Seventh grade. My MOM. "...and that marked the end of my 7th grade career."

Wait...*blink-blink*... WHAT??

We were all sitting around the dining room table last weekend, my Dad questing the kids about how school was going, etc. He asked my son, "Do you talk about current events?" Which prompted Grandma Toasty to ask, "Hey, do you guys know what a PANTY RAID is?"

People, you haven't lived until you've seen the expression on your childrens' faces as Grandma describes a panty raid. Especially when one of your children is an 11 year old boy.

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