This shocked you? Really?


I mean, the woman enjoys shooting wolves from helicopters. You think she's gonna get her granny panties(because, well...she's a GRANNY) in a wad over Tony the Turkey Killer doin' his thing behind her? Gad, no. Rumor has it, at the end of the shoot, the interviewer asked her if she had any problems with what was happening in the background and she replied, "Absolutely not."

Sarah Palin doesn't seem to understand, however, that even meat-lovers might not wanna actually SEE it. Not everyone enjoyed the chipper-shredder scene from "Fargo." I'm just sayin'.

Honestly, every time this woman is on camera, hilarity ensues. Ok, turkey slaughter is no laughing matter (trust me, the video is TOUGH to watch). But people, even Tony gets the um...*awkwardness* of the moment. His reaction, combined with the awfulness of what he's doing, combined with Palin's oblivious, "Serious Barbie" face, is just comedy gold. Ok, it's funny in that "Dear God, no-she-di'nt" kind of way...


  1. I hit mute and couldn't take listening to the turkeys in the background being slaughtered. I'm not a vegetarian but I cannot stomach things like this. But this video had to be the most ridiculous thing and her gabbing nonchalantly despite the background. Jeezuz! I was wondering why people on the internet kept saying "Sarah Palin turkey video" and you've answered my question.
    She wouldn't hold the turkey because she was wearing her Burberry scarf. Uh what happened to shopping at thrift stores when she got home? D'OH!!!

  2. I know...

    I was like, 'OMIGOD!' *look away* ... 'MOTHEROFGODMAKEITSTOP!' *hit mute*

    Burberry scarf. Nice. What a twit.

    She just keeps talking and talking, cuz she LOVES to hear herself talk and talk. Remember that Miss Teen USA contestant from like, Backwash, Georgia, who made a fool of herself? "...Iraq and such as."

    Palin reminds me of her.

  3. I thought it was Miss South Carolina that made the stupid comment about maps. Wait, there's another dumbass contestant?

    Apparently Palin has a 7 million dollar book deal. She's an author who uses the most apostrophe's "Jus' Tellin' It Like It Is" - SNL Weekend Update last night

  4. Yep, you're right -- it was Miss South Carolina.

    Oh, GREAT. Now we've got Book Tour Barbie to look forward to...

    Oh, GAD! This is hilarious: the "word verification" it's asking me to type right now is, "t-r-a-c-k." Track! Ah-ha!

  5. I have a project for all bloggers: from now on, refer to all photography/video of Palin as "turkey shoots."

  6. She's a gobbler, that's fo' sho'! Who gets the wishbone?

    (Completely Useless Hidden Talent #37: I do an amazingly realistic turkey call.)