And on the seventh day, God went to HOOTERS.

YAY! The tree on The Island of Misfit Toys finally has an angel!
My younger, taller, thinner, prettier, funnier sister Dell just sent me this, along with her description:

HOOTER ANGEL...Garth used to put this hawttie on the top of the tree before I met him. Now she is neatly tucked away in the bottom of the Christmas box. Wouldn't this be a killer visual for Phillies after he eats from the Holy brownie tray?

PHILLIES BLUNT, whom Dell(at age 7) created from a sock and a rabbit fur pelt. No, I don't know why we had a rabbit fur pelt. God must have knows Phillies needed hair.


  1. That angel captures everything Baby Jesus wants us to remember and cherish on the day of his birth. Truly it is a holy ornament.

    Dear God, where on earth was that thing purchased?!?

  2. This whole ornament deal is hilarious.

  3. If, by "hilarious," you mean "blasphemous, sick and ridiculously inappropriate," then YES. Yes, it is.

    To see how it SHOULD be done (by a much funnier writer, better photographer and more brilliant blogger), check out the guy right above you. I mean, check out his BLOGS, not like, 'Check him OUT'(he's got a very beautiful and equally hilarious girlfriend, yo?).

  4. Francesco, I don't know. But I will find out...