Wompus was a happy little doggeh chew toy, until he met his new chewer, Potter.

This is definitely an "after:"

Trying to maintain a little dignity.

Wompus grew weary of hearing,
"You remind me of the disemboweling scene from Braveheart!" And so Wompus begged for salvation.

Lo, he was granted a new life and learned how to hang.

Scared at first, Wompus was soon filled with Rapture and a sense of purpose.

Proud of his new role, Wompus now requests that all photos be taken, "from my good side."


  1. That's hilarious. I was laughing from the start - you had me at "Wompus."

  2. I am laughing so hard. Your dog is a lot like my friend Ginny's dog. Anything that comes within his reach he shreds to pieces.

  3. I was trying to figure out whuh, the new photo on your profile of
    you. THIS explains everything.
    Another demented day at the Boxrud
    playhouse. Poor poor little dog
    toy. Did YOU chew up the little
    toy or did the dogger?

  4. Addendum: rarely does the Monkey
    just sit alone and rock with
    laughter, but this one did it.
    Crack me up this time, gurl.

  5. Can I blame it on the hallucinogenic properties of Mucinex? No?

    Brad and I had fun with dog toys today.

    Actually, some stuffed animal faces are quite hilarious. Like their character is just begging to be released, you know? No?

    We were laughing just as hard! Brad was lead photographer. :)

  6. PS What's so wonderful about this is Brad took the pics first, and the um, "script?" came after.

    Kind of an Elton John/Bernie Taupin thing, really.