As Dog is my witness, the following 'conversation' took place at our breakfast table this morning:

Loving Husband Who Cooked a Monstrous Breakfast and Takes Offense if We Don't Stuff Ourselves Silly the Second we Roll out of Bed: Babe, why aren't you eating any sausage?

Girly Girl(interrupting): Mom? Are Santa's elves vegetarians?

Buddy Boy(interrupting): No, they eat REINDEER SAUSAGE!

GG: No they don't, because then they'd be CANNIBALS, right Mom?

BB(interrupting): No. A cannibal is someone who eats HIMSELF, right Mom?

GG(interrupting): Mom, you're like Sarah Palin.

MOM(putting down orange juice and picking up Vodka): What??

GG: You know...you never answer any QUESTIONS!


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  3. ROFLMAO!!!!! Seriously ... that is just awesome.

  4. Sorry for the multi-posts. I forgot to click the "notify me by email about further posts" box for the first one, and then tried to repost, but had a typo. I didn't realize it would show "Comment deleted". Now my explanation comment is longer than the original comment...

  5. Haaaa! Don't tell anyone, but I've done that before, too! :D

    Srsly, when kids are involved, life is funnier than fiction, you know?

    It's "a whole bag of thumbs up!"

    *whew* taking a blog break from New Toy Frenzy. Now off to "Dance Dance Revolution" like I can't "Dance Dance Revolution" no more!

    Merry Georgemas!