As Promised:

Why save the best for last? My sister made this when she was seven. It's a sock. With hair. Rabbit fur hair. Really, there are no words...

...Ok, there are a few words: Is this the furry tampon of Christmas past? --hilarious Facebook comment


  1. Oh my geyad this is beyond hilarious. Just the expression on its face!

  2. I know, right?? It's hilarious. And the degree of hilarity is directly proportional to the amount of wine imbibed...

    Now, send me your pictures! :D

  3. Unfortunately I don't have any wacky ornaments Jenn. I was given my grandparents small, fake tree when I was 14. I created some ornaments for it. I think I have a troll doll holiday pin that I tacked onto something. But alas they are in the messy backroom of the basement and I'll get killed trudging my way through.

  4. Well, send me pics of the ornaments you made! I know they're awesome and I'll link to your website! Dooooo itttttttt..... :D

    Srsly, tell me how to get to you on ETSY...I luvs teh mnkeez.

  5. I don't have my Etsy shop up yet. I have a lot more to make. It probably won't be up until the spring / summer.
    Don't worry I'll send you the link when it's all up and ready.