Send me your tired, your poor, your hilarious...Christmas ornaments!

Do I have any readers left after that last blasphemous post? No, Curious George Bebbeh Jesus is NOT the illegitimate love monkey of Mary and the ominous-looking gorilla on the left (as one of my Facebook Friends suggested). I may be a little good-naturedly sacrilegious, but I ain't pimpin' out the Virgin Mother!

For those of you riding the Express Train to Hell along with me, let's put on a show! A photo show! Of any and all Christmas tree ornaments you find particularly near and dear to your hearts.

Like me, do you have a sea urchin shell covered in glitter your best friend made for you when you were seven? Macaroni necklace? Wooden cowboy boot with "Merry Christmas, Y'all?" painted on it by your Mom? Evil-looking sock monkey ornament?

If it cracks you up, warms your heart, scares your children -- take a picture of it and send it to me at: Jenboxrud@Yahoo.com. Include a brief blurb of why you lub it.

I'll post every photo I get as soon as I get it. This ain't no contest; every photo gets posted! The more the merrier, so send as many as you want! I'll post them below this entry as they come in.

For a little inspiration and a lot of laughs, check out "Why This Blog is One of My Favorites" over there in "Today's Links."

PS: The one my sister made when she was seven still makes me laugh so hard I pee. That ornament will be posted as soon as mah Mlawwma sends me the photo (Toasty's workin' on it now).


  1. Thank you very much for the link! Merry *bleeping* Christmas!

  2. Your ornament post is wonderful. As are your parents! I'm draggin my Mom kicking and screaming onto the Interwebs...She read the Conversations With my Father, called to tell me how much she loved it but couldn't talk for several minutes due to the uncontrollable laughter.

    All the ornaments you see here are on her tree this year. I made her take pictures and send. Because I'm bossy like that. The Facebook comments just about did us in; I lost my voice from laughing so hard and for a minute, I thought she stroked out.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your past in such a wonderfully hilarious way. You've got some new fans in the Midwest.

    Happy (expletive deleted)Holidays!