And the Grammy for "Best Neville Brother/Puppet Duet That Makes Me Cry" Goes To...

My kids turned on "SpongeBob Squarepants" yesterday. As far as kids' cartoons, it's one of the best. Endearing characters(even evil Plankton) and brilliantly hilarious writing. The episode where Sandy(my cartoon soul-mate sistah) is homesick for Texas? Seen it. Love it. Can recite jokes from it.

Spongebob: "Hey, Patrick - what am I?"
Patrick: "Uhhh..stupid?"
Spongebob: "No, TEXAS!"
Patrick: "What's the difference???"

Most cartoons are chock full of mean-spirited name calling and gratuitous head-pounching, belly-punching and butt-kicking. "Ed, Ed and Eddie?" Hellloooo...?

"Barney?" Well, that show's just...creepy.

Nothing compares to "Sesame Street." I wish more kids today had the temperament and attention span for it (or that more parents had the strength to say no to crap TV).

Do you guys remember this? (click)
Sesame Street: Aaron Neville And Ernie Sing Don't Want To Live On The Moon

I think that's all I have to say about that.

So, I just thought of a fun question for y'all: Which cartoon character are you most like and why? Post your answer in the "comments" section. C'mon, it'll be FUN!

Monkey says, "Doooooo Ittttttttt!!!" (8:l) <---MONKEY! (I can not get enough of *monkey emoticon*.)


  1. Snuffleupagus. Because I talk in a slow stammer and I have an excess body hair problem.

  2. *whew* For a second, I though you were gonna say it's because you have a really long...trunk.

  3. Well I don't like to brag about my trunk's length or its prehensility.


  4. PS I was gonna say I was most like Oscar, because I'm a grouch and I have a smelly can.

    But that would just be "inappropriate," as my children would say.

  5. PPS I just thought of that and I'm all by myself, cracking myself up. Just. Sad. And FUNNY! :P

  6. HAHAhahahaha!

    So your kids tell you when things are inappropriate too, huh? Ellie regularly asks if I can put something on TV that is "appropriate for kids."

    She just means she would like for me to put on a kids show as opposed to CNN or the History Channel. She doesn't have to force me to turn off porn or anything. :)

  7. It's sad when one is so easily amused by stoopid potty humor, isn't it? :)

    Or, "Oscar, because I'm a grouch and have a lot of garbage in my can." Kind of a take on the "junk in the trunk"--never mind. When you have to 'splain a joke, that's usually cuz it's NOT FUNNY.... But I'm still cracking my pathetic self up.

  8. PS Usually, it's my kids who are reprimanding me: "Mom, that is so not appropriate." and husband is usually rolling his eyes. Immaturity is SO underrated...