When you put your kids in charge of the Nativity Scene, you get this:

For the unedited photo sequence (with hilarious comments by hilarious Friends), visit my Facebook page: Jennifer Pearson Boxrud.


  1. OMG, it's like a claymation Christmas special... All the toys have gotten together to do a nativity scene

  2. I luff Curious George as zee beebee Jesus.

  3. teh bebbe Jebus lubs all teh animeels

    Matt, this isn't nearly as wonderful as the one my kids did two years ago. My huzzband accidentally deleted the pics when he got a new computer(grounds for divorce, I know).

    Instead of water balloons, Air Head candy and a domino, the Three Wise Bionicles bore gifts of a Lincoln Log, Bazooka gum and a Polly Pocket.

    I asked Girlie Girl today, "What happened to all your Polly Pockets?" Her response: "They died." I didn't press for details.

    Also, the LEGO Obstetrician is a new addition. My son objected, "It's a NASA guy!" Well, in Bethlehem, the baby doctor also flew space shuttles, OKAY??