I love EBay.

Because you can buy things like this:

It's an oil painting. Not a giclee print - a real painting. I examined it carefully. I named her Elizabeth. My husband won't let me hang her on the wall, so right now Elizabeth is in my closet. Waiting very patiently, sitting very prettily and smiling. With asparagus in her bows.


  1. She's beautiful. I dressed up as Queen Elizabeth (the first) a few years ago for Halloween. I spent a small fortune having the dress made and getting the wig and accessories. It was pretty over the top. And convincing I might add, cause people were so shocked to hear a man's deep voice come outta that costume. Heh heh heh...

  2. Elizabeth knows she is beautiful.

    Asparagus is her very favorite food and she considers them the most beautiful of vegetables. She gets teased for wearing them in her hair, but she doesn't care. She knows she looks guuuuuud.

    David, I know you were the prettiest girl at the ball. :)

  3. PS I lurv you, my little soul monkeh. :)

  4. Polkadot Monkey has TWO (2) of the
    "Dress Monkey" paintings. In the
    closet. Every now and then she sneaks in and admires their polkadot hairbows, then closes the
    door. Polkadot is too mortified
    to reveal that she bought them. 2
    of them. Perhaps coming clean on
    your blog will mean I can drag them
    out and hang the lovely monkey girls on the wall. P-monk covets
    the Asparagus Girlie Monk, however.
    And wishes she could have seen David dressed as Queen E.