They say that there are two kinds of people in the world.

The first kind of person, others feel really happy when they enter the room. The second kind, others feel really happy when they leave the room!

Its almost like all of us have invisible spikes coming out from us. For some people these spikes are really long and sharp. They have strong likes and dislikes and freely share judgement, criticism and negativity with everyone they meet. They moment they enter the room, people go "ouch!"

Others have shorter spikes. Most people are like this. They are okay to get along with so long as you don't rub them up the wrong way. Else their spikes are immediately raised like that of a porcupine!

Some other people have very small and soft spikes. They are great fun to be with. Everyone loves them. They are the light of the family, of the office and community. They are genuinely interested in others welfare and freely share smiles, love, appreciation and do thoughtful acts for others. However if you get really really close to them and push the wrong buttons and you may still get hurt...just like the tiny splinters in straw can still hurt the hands.

Then there are the rare people in the world with NO spikes. No matter how you treat them and what you do there is NO resistance. These are the love masters in our world, great spiritual examples to us all. It does not mean such a person is a vegetable who anyone can cut. They respond appropriately to each situation...sometimes constructive criticism and strong words may issue from them. Yet it comes with the power of love and has a transfrmational energy. Their spikes have been replaced by rays of light, like a sun!

People do not love us for our goodness. They love us for our patience and forebearance. Where there is judgement there is no love. Where there is love there is no judgement.

Let us pull back our invisible spikes for today, and replace them with rays of love and light, offering our finest smile to everyone we encounter. Then others will love to have you in the room and always keep you in their hearts.

Be happy!
-Nithya Shanti


  1. This sums up humankind, guess a grinding machine will remove the spikes.

    PS Humor and Comedy is all about substance, George Carlin was funny because of his material not his language.
    And Tina Fey started Second City right after college at the age of 22 met a nice director and made Saturday Night at 25, A true talent.
    Good Luck on your journey!!

  2. George Carlin was funny because of his material. And his language. :)

    Tina Fey is brilliantly funny. The really, really funny people are really, really smart.

    The Second City class makes me laugh so hard my trachea hurts. It's pure joy. I've found my bliss. Well, one of 'em. I have many blisses. I'm blissly blesed.

  3. But apparently, spelling is not one of them. blesed=blessed. :P