Fellas, I'm talkin' to you...

Manana es el dia de la Valentin.
O, para mi, "el dia quando yo come muchas chocolates."

Senores y chicos, mira esto:

Entonces, mira esto con Erik Estrada (Ai! Ai! Ai!):

Le, deseo buena suerte con tu Valentín.
O, si te estes mi, con la enorme caja de chocolates.

Muchas gracias a esta sitio: http://www.spanishdict.com/translation.


  1. You sure find some dirty stuff like that credit card link. Hope all monkeys are laughing.

  2. That story cracks me up!

    I wish I had the balls to do that...

    Ha-ha! Hey, where's my rimshot? That's a joke...Because, ya see...the signature...Never mind.

  3. Just like a kid looking for his Dad's Girlie Magazine

  4. LMAO...and by the way how the f do i subscribe to this madness?!

  5. Meik!! OMG, you have blessed this blog with your presence!
    Ok, I THINK if you click on the RSS feed icon-thingy near my "archives," it'll do it? Or, you can "follow" in your blog...I'm still tryin' to figure this ish out! lol!

  6. You LOVE those anonymous jokers, eh! This love song SO cracks me
    up, lil girl.

  7. I know! Omigod, I have watched the first one so many times. Brad's taking Spanish right now and this killed him. "Me gusta la biblioteca!" HAhahaha!!