The family that hikes together...gets really sick of Mom.

Most every weekend, Whippy and the family take a hike. We're lucky to live within walking distance to a glorious, ginormous nature preserve. Nothing like fresh air, exercise and an occasional deer spotting to chase away a bad case of the crabbies (except maybe boxed wine, but that doesn't fit in my fanny pack).

Whippy's favorite new toy is her FLIP camera (ya think?) and I knew the monkehs would be happy I brought it along:

Detecting subtle cues that perhaps the monkehs were sick of FLIPPY Whippy, I turned the camera on the only family member happy to play along:

The next scene, which I call "Courtesy Flush," features a very special cameo by Big Daddy Monkeh. Who was not happy to play along:


  1. Ok, I'm putting you on my RSS feed. This is too funny!

    Michelle in California

  2. PD is waiting for the wrong master !!!
    Glad everything came out alright !

  3. Sadly, teh huzzband is Alpha in our house. Whippy is Gamma..no, more like, Zeta.

  4. HaHa!!! I don't think ssoooooo!!!!

  5. Wait, did you fall? WHY CAN'T I LAUGH AT THAT?

  6. Yes, Erin, yes I did. Clearly, I can neither walk and chew tobaccy at the same time NOR walk and shoot a damn FLIP video. lol

    YOU can laugh all you want. My evil, evil, demon-seed daughter (I'M KIDDING!) delights in all things painful and embarrassing that happen to Mom.

    Guuuuuud times. :D