I promised myself I wasn't going to cry!

*dramatically wipes tear with sleeve of favorite Nick & Nora flannel jammies that have pictures of doggies all over them*

Whippy just got the most amaaaazing thing in her Inbox, y'all!
No, Whippy is not making a durrrty double-entendre.
Yes, Whippy is feeling ok; she's just overwhelmed by perhaps the greatest compliment she ever been paid in (as her kids would say) "the history of history:"

From my soul-monkey, *D.C.:
JPB, you have good hilaritas, and you got it from BOTH of your parents. Enjoy the read...

Seek Ye the Hilaritas! - Boing Boing


  1. Yep, THAT posting was the BEST! It was pretty sweet and wonderful. This is yo momma here. I am using
    PopTart's computer and it won't let
    me leave comment under my bloggy
    name, so I be anonymous.

  2. It's sweet and wonderful and true. Kinda like our fwiend, D.C., right? :)

  3. PS So, Toasty. Does Poppa Don go by Pop Tart now?? I though he hated it with the white hot intensity of a thousand flaming suns!?

    Can I call him Frosted Brown Shugga Pop Tart? With Sprinkles?

    OOOOHHHH!! Where do Pop Tarts go? IN THE TOASTER!!!
    Where they get all HOT and sometimes their molten, sweet filling leaks out a little...
    Careful! Don't get burned by the hot JELLY! Bwaaaaa!!!!

  4. Um, hello? *thumps microphone*
    Is this thing on? ...